A completely integrated, yet modular, business management system designed specifically for "traders": merchants, distributors, tradesmen, professionals, manufacturers and retailers. Our software is used by a wide variety of organisations, from clubs to hospitals.


A rugged "bullet-proof" system; extremely forgiving with extensive re-call and correction facilities. Easy to use menus with consistent operating instructions. Our emphasis is on technology serving people not on people having to adjust to technology. Our aim is to design your system to suit the way you work.


Encouraged to meet specific company requirements. Many of our unique features are the result of customisations. Business systems are implemented to improve operating efficiency and to provide information which will assist in increasing profitability. COGITO continually invests in development and these benefits are passed on to our clients via regular updates of new features and enhancements.


Guarantees ongoing support and upgrades.


Produced and serviced within our own business environment.

Can you do all or any of the following?


COGITO is designed to be modified. Most of our clients have some customised programs. Your company is unique. Each installation is built from a library of base modules, optional accessories, tailored modules and "one-off" customisations, which are combined and installed to operate as an integrated business solution.


COGITO is, where appropriate, a "real-time"system: your database is updated as business transactions occur.


COGITO reports only the information you request.

COGITO is a flexible and comprehensive suite of business programs providing up-to-date and concise information.

This enables you to run your business




COGITO was established in 1975 which makes us one of the most experienced Software Houses in New Zealand. We offer a licenced product and are committed to development, training and on-going services and support.

Our strengths lie especially in business consultancy, systems for medium to large businesses and we place particular emphasis on enabling you to trade flexibly and profitably.

Over the years we have converted and transferred data from many different existing systems into COGITO - we have yet to find one we cannot convert. Of course, we also provide standard exports to most of the smaller accounting systems, and customised interfaces with larger systems and "cloud" providers.

All our programs are written in Cobol, (COmmon Business Oriented Language) for easier maintenance and security. Cobol is the most widely used computer business language in the world and has been since the early '60's. Other languages have come and gone - our decision back in the '70's to use Cobol has been more than vindicated. It is one of the few languages whose development is governed by an independent body (CODASYL) and which adheres to a recognised and clearly defined standard.

After 20 years with Micro Focus Cobol, COGITO will be totally compiled with isCobol by Rel J.1. isCobol will "future proof" our system and put us into an even better position to adapt to future changes in computer and business practices. It is a more open, accessible and future-looking system and one in which we have the opportunity of contributing to at a high level. It grants greater internet access, better integration and interaction with other software applications (queries and spreadsheets etc.).


We have provided services for many, varied organisations over the years and have learned something from every job. Our software is continually being developed through business / client input which is a major factor in the success of COGITO.

Periodical releases provide our users with these enhancements, whether they have been generated in response to requests from individual clients or are features added by us to take advantage of developments in technology, changes in business practices or just because they are good ideas.


Plan your requirements with us - we provide the guidelines, you make the decisions based upon your knowledge of your business. The beauty of our system is that it can be reviewed and changed to suit your own and market developments. Know your business needs and what you want from a system, we will help with the details. Our system can expand with your business.

The system allows you to record and share your trading knowledge and experience with your staff e.g. you may have discussed a special rate for a client's particular job - you can then set this in place on his file to ensure consistency in your trading.

We install your completed system tailored to your needs with your company details on each e-mail and screen.


Our system is hardware independent - it takes up very little disk space or memory and runs on any platform. We will be happy to discuss your hardware, communications and back-up requirements and work with your preferred supplier. We do, however, recommend that you talk with us before purchasing hardware.


We provide training in:
Computer Basics.
Operating System: Backup, Network, Utilities, document management.
COGITO programs.
General Business Administration and Accounting.
Business Management and Profitable Trading Practices

The ease of operation of the COGITO programs means that this type of training does not require any special expertise and can readily be passed on as required. The need is to show staff the few simple steps needed to initiate a job, and give them confidence in using the computer; experience will do the rest.

We can set up a "staff training" system for you - your current database can be copied to a dummy company name and given a different screen colour to distinguish it from your "live" system. Also use this to try out procedures without worrying about the consequences. The dummy files can be repeatedly copied over with your current data.


Release 8.9x is a major release in preparation for release J.0x. It meets increasing demands for information and gives you greater control over your trading practices. Files are bigger and more powerful and allow for further expansion over the next 4 to 5 years.

Earlier COGITO files had to be small - over the years, hardware development has enabled files to carry much more information. Our first Debtors record (in fact card), for instance, had room only for a couple of short address lines and the balance. Rel. 8.0 customer records have 4 full screens with e-mail fields and more contact and text space. Various changes are being made to provide greater integration between the modules, more accessible and extensive history, electronic data transfer and greater internet interaction (for instance, the ability to e-mail an Order or Invoice straight out of COGITO).

Major files are linked to other modules ("relational data base"). For example, a stock transaction can be selected to display the purchase or sale. "Stock Management can be one of the most important parts of your business - the Suppliers Orders module has highlighted the importance of keeping accurate stock figures and we have accordingly expanded "Stock Taking" into a separate module to assist with this. The more care taken in selecting the right product when invoicing and ordering, the better our system works for you. Expansion in the Stock file is also geared toward the ability to update your prices directly from data sent by suppliers.

A larger Sales and Marketing module handles up to 9 years' comparisons (or 2 years if run weekly) and analyses Credit reasons and Discounts. The "plucking" facility is being expanded throughout the system, e.g. the quantity in an invoice line can be "plucked" and changed. The General Ledger module has "dual keys" (alpha codes), making it more accessible and consistent with the rest of the system - less "accountant" oriented.

Release 8.9x also includes a new version of Open Item for Debtors (as Creditors already had). The main feature of this is that it can be controlled by you - any account can be Open Item OR Balance Forward and you can switch from one to the other.

Special Prices and Discounts - the system can be used to manage your individual and overall trading practices, terms and conditions.


Bigger companies with major interface and reporting requirements may wish to use a different database for Cogito (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL). Indeed, the next release of Cogito (Rel J.01, 2014) can run on a mix of platforms (Windows 7/8 32- or 64-bit, Mac, Linux etc.) using a mix of database technologies for different "tables".