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Various reports can be printed from (parts of) the Control File.

8SYP01C1 - Control File

Use to print lists of anything from the Control file: Stock Categories, Salesman etc.
Select a range or print all (which includes the Menu but there is also a separate program for this printed.


 Code           Description                 Flags          Values
DTSC B        Branch Account
     C        Cancelled a/c - Do Not Supply
     D        Deliver To. Cannot Charge To.
     I        Internal Acct. - Cost only			This is a list of Customer Status Codes.
     N        Normal A/C
     P        Prospect
     R        Reference Only
     S        Suspended A/C - Stop Credit
     T        Transfer To Code in Charge To.
     U        Un-authorised

8SYP01MN - Menu

Use to check passwords, all programs and their default settings.
Select a range or print all.
Code  Description                 Prog.   Subst.  Passwords

00  0   SYMASTER
    1   Trading
    2   Point of Sale                             P1
    3   Daily
    4   Customer Orders                           P1   P2
    5   Purchase Orders
    6   Supplier Orders                           P2
    7   Invoicing
    9   Stock
   10   Stock Reports
   11   Stocktake                                 P1
   13   Bill of Materials                         P3   P1
   14   Toolkits                                  P1   P2
   15   End of Month
   16   Debtors
   18   Debtors Reports
   20   Creditors
    2   Invoices                  8INL01D2
    3   Payments                  8DTL01C2
    4   Credits                   8INL01L4 CR (Extensions are specific Terminal Codes for Transaction.
    5   Customer Orders           8INL01D8 CO  Or specific report formats etc.)
    6   Quotes                    8INL01D1 QT
    9   LOOKUPS
   10   Stock                     8SCQ01C2
   11   Invoices                  8INQ01C7
   12   Debtors                   8DTQ01C2
   13   Creditors                 8CRQ01C2
Check Buyers Year and Month Totals.

8SYP01BA - Buyer Analysis

Enter on "ccSYM" - Accept settings unless:
Line spacing: you require e.g. double spacing 2
and only a single buyer e.g. From Key: CRBYJS To Key: CRBYJSzzzz.

Code  Name              ===== This Month ======    This Year
                        Budget    Actual  Ratio     Actual

JS    Jill Schroeder     10,000    1,337  100.0      1,362

        TOTALS           10,000    1,337  100.0      1,362

8SYP01CA - Analysis of Credit

Code  Description      === This Month ===   === This Year ===   Ratio
                           Value    Qty         Value    Qty

CA   COST ADJUSTMENT                           501.96-    3        .5

DC   DOUBLE CHARGE                           6,057.20-   79       5.5


GR   GOODS RETURNED     3,196.15-  152     101,050.13- 3862      91.1

IP   INCORRECT PRICE                           597.68-   11        .5

IQ   INCORR QUANT                              761.02-    6        .7

WC   INCORR CUST                             2,053.25-   52       1.9

WP   INCORR PROD                                63.92     2        .1

        TOTALS           3,196.15-  152     110,957.32- 4015

8SYP01TC Terminal Controls

Terminal  User P/W        Network I.D.         Desc
Old  New              Old             New

W2                    SEC   ALL                Development PC -
W5                                             Laptop
W6                                             Jill's PC
W8                                             Old JS

8SYP02C1 - Schedule File

For a list of available timed executions on your system, nearly any program can be set to run, or be added to a procedure.
Schedule  Seq  Tp. Description
               Program    Parameters....

DU        10 A Daily Update schedule
          30 R 8INL10   NCH CO003699003752Y000000000000Y000000000000N02092702094
                        N            00 Y    Y            0207 0000000000000000

EOM       10 A End of Month Rolls
          20 R 8SML08    M
          30 R 8SCL08    M
          40 R 8DTL08    M

EOY       10 A End of Year Rolls
          20 R 8SML08    Y
          30 R 8SCL08    Y
          40 R 8DTL08    Y

INA       10 A Archive Inv
          20 R 8INL06   CH

8SYP01DM - Discount Matrix

This is designed to be exported to a spreadsheet. You can rename and redirect the report to e.g. c:\xfer\matrix.csv
Select all (00 - 99) or a range. The output defaults to comma delimited.
See Matrix for more.
 	Products	p00	p01	p02	p03
Customers	 		Nails	Wheels	Taps
c01	Builders	0	12.5	0	0
c02	Bus Driver	0	0	10	0
c03	Plumbers	0	0	0	15
 	Products	p00	p01	p02	p03
Customers	 		Nails	Wheels	Taps