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The main thrust at the moment is to further develop the e-commerce facilities and to release COG9, the new graphical version using isCobol. We are also working on a project to make the whole system "OPEN SOURCE".

The Cogito Electronic Commerce module, "eCOG", is designed to enhance our Business System by using communications technology, including the Internet. It seems that our early approach of using .CSV and .TXT files for "B2B e-commerce" has finally been vindicated - after 20 years!

NB: All current features are available in both release 8 (MicroFocus) and release 9 (isCOBOL), but further enhancements will be restricted to release 9, as they cannot be programmed in release 8.

The current release covers three main business activities:
Quotes, Invoices, Statements.
Purchase Orders, Remittance Advices
Data Transfers Including:
Custom attachments of invoice details for supply to other systems (MYOB etc.)
Full Data exports of all main tables.

Planned enhancements:
Supplier confirmation of orders.
On-line access to supplier's inventory / website
Secure customer access (via website) to:
On-line customer ordering.
Interface between Stock database and the company's web site (e.g. price changes).
Electronic banking - The electronic methods include:
Data transfer
(Fax - obsolete)