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This is a very general guide only; discuss your specific needs with us.

The main steps of the Stocktake Module:

  1. Create a Stocktake Record for a range of products by Category, Sales Code, Product or Bin Location.
    N.B. Whichever sequence you choose, continue that Stocktake consistently.
  2. Produce Count forms for these products.
  3. Capture the on-hand quantities at the time of the stocktake for the selected products. This enables normal stock transactions to proceed while the stocktake is in progress and the data is being analysed.
  4. Key in the data from the Count forms to update the file of captured on-hands. Re-enter any corrections - this overwrites the previous count and a warning displays.
  5. Report discrepancies between the computer total and the counts. Provide valuations of the counted products by average, latest or standard costs on file at the time of the count.
  6. Update the stock master files with the corrected stock counts taking into consideration any stock movement since the time of the stocktake.
With rolling stocktakes you may run several stocktakes simultaneously - the new stocktake simply adds data to that which is already in progress. Features: A file (ccSCCxxx) is created to hold the stocktake data (on-hands and counts). For companies with multiple branch locations, the suffix "xxx" will be the code of the branch (CHC, AKL etc). This ensures that there will be a different file for each branch and each branch is handled independently of the others. For companies with central stocking, there will be only one file.


These programs should be run every now and then but especially when running a complete Stocktake and if you suspect your files may not be correct.
Clear and recalculate issued stock (packing slips) first - 8INX17. Select an invoice range or accept the default and OK to run.


Recalculate Receipts from Supplier Orders - 8SOL04


All movements need to be recorded on the computer for a stocktake to be accurate.


If running the stocktake by Bin, check all products have a bin location: e.g. 8SCP02T2 - run a report with Bin set at space to space. Reports can be run by Count record. Check in store that bin locations are correct and also check if any new product requires a Bin location.

Assign or alter bins using a Stock Maintenance programs - 8SCL12C3 is specifically designed for this - or with a toolkit for ranges of products. Products may have multiple bin locations.


Run an Issues register to check Issued stock.
Sort by Product
Enter Credit and Product code ranges
Enter to next page, accept Y in Confirmed, P/Slips and Future. F9


Check all credits are OK.


If applicable: run 8INPO1I2 (as above) by each branch. Select the branch, enter Invoice and Product ranges used for transfers. Accept Y in Confirmed, P/Slips and Future. Check these products have been received.


Run a received order report 8SCP0202, select branch, category, and product.
From this report check:
Items under "returned" match the credit report
Purchase orders are current
Quantity's and product codes are correct
Product is charged out (if applicable)


Use Key in a reference e.g. "Stocktake 2006 - Count 1" Enter and F5 to add this record.


Add as many records as applicable.

It is not necessary to "freeze" the stock file at this point. Normal stock movements may continue BUT no new stock additions or deletions or Branch Transfers should be done between this point and the count. Run these steps as close as practicable to the date of the count.

The next step is to ensure that the computer files are updated to the time of the count - update any stock movements right up to the moment of the count. This may have to occur after the actual count as it may take time for documents to be received and updated.


There are several different versions of these.
Have some method of identifying how many sheets are printed and ensuring that they are all checked off.


Break at character: e.g. 2 will cause a page break at every second character of the selected "Sort by" code (e.g. Bin): start a new page when the selected character changes (AB11). A new page will start after AB and AC etc.


Once the stock files have been updated with the normal stock transactions, run 8STL01C1 for each stocktake record. This captures the computer generated stock.
Do NOT do maintenance and additions after this.


When the physical count has been done and the forms are received with the actual counts, enter these into the stocktake file using 8STL02C2 at any time and in any order. Once the on-hands have been captured, the timing is not really important as normal processing can continue.

Accept default for branch, accept or change Stocktake record. Enter for first product on record, or key in (F3 to pluck). Enter count quantity (if nil enter 0). Enter for next product. Enter all sheets as they come in - mark sheets as done.


At any time now (or when all the data has been entered from the count) you may run discrepancy reports. These will highlight any errors in the counting. Re-enter the corrected counts using 8STL02C2 - this replaces the previous counts.


The final step is to update the stock master with the corrected stock counts. Run 8STL03 to update the master files and delete the existing data from SCC (relating to this stocktake only).

N.B. Any stock movement from the time of the count will be taken into account when the final Variance is updated.

When you feel all is in order, a valuation report can be done.

For branch stocking you must specify within each program which branch is being counted.

Periodically the stocktake file (ccSCCxxx) should be rebuilt to condense the unused space taken by previous stocktakes.